Pf Flyers (Patriotic era)

     During the 40s some shoe companies such as Converse Felt the need to be Patriotic companies, and manufacter shoes for U.S. military. Likewise Pf Flyers also had a patriotic era to call their own. Pf Flyers-BF Goodrich (as they where known during this time, because they were founded by BF Goodrich) were given a U.S. government contract in the 70s. The reason they were given a contract was, because Pf Flyers-BF Goodrich’s shoes had a revolutionary design which offered better comfort and less stress on the wearer’s legs. Below you’ll see the design of some unique and patriotic footwear. One last thing to note, if your looking to buy these vintage sneakers you may want to look up your local army surplus auctions as they tend to surface time to time (or so I’ve heard). 




A brief history (Converse) the patriotic era, and fishermen

During the early 40s Converse felt they needed to be involved with the war effort. Some time in 1942 Converse was given a government contract, which was number 50475. This Number was stamped into the shoes they made for soldiers during this time period. Later in the 50s Converse drew inspiration from their WWII designed footwear and released wading boots for fishermen, which are today known as the Bosey. Down below are images of these shoes made by Converse.

*They are now part of Converse’s John Varvatos line. Converse Japan also made their own Bosey boots.

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