Do Over – Justice League: War

Justice League: War recently dropped. Part of the DC animated movie universe and directed by Jay Oliva, the film builds off of the previous installment of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013). Being that the film is made by DC the story is of course adapted from a comic arc, specifically Justice League: Origin. Following a particular pattern the film has a fair amount of violence and isn’t afraid to splash blood around. Likewise unlike their tamed cable counterparts , the language that is used isn’t so much suggestive as it on occasion is profane. However there are moments of humor which help to subdue the sometimes very adult themes of the film. At times even proving to be overpowering. The themes of the movie include perseverance in the face of great odds and of course heroes putting aside their differences for the greater good.

To better understand the story you have to understand what Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox was all about. Basically the Flash changed the past, by saving his mother, and thus changing his present time. Eventually he figures out how to undue all the changes to his future, or so he thought. By going back and letting his mother die again, he apparently once again alters the future. To the comic readers, they know this as the new 52.

So the entire basis of the story is a new world, a new Justice League. Everything starts from scratch. The heroes that band together are Batman, Green Lantaurn, The Flash, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Cyborg. The story begins in Gotham where Batman confronts cybernized alien, later revealed to be a minion of Darkseid. Eventually the story is expanded and learn that theres an impending invasion of Earth that will begin. However the movie devotes a chunk of time to introduce us to the superheroes and a bit of their background. Such as their personality, their alter egos, relationship with populace of Earth, and why they chose to be heroes. This is especially important for understanding Victor (Cyborg) and Captain Marvel.

Batman comes off as being superior, and constantly annoys Green Lantern with his keen sense of observations. However he demonstrates that he knows his limits and thoroughly ponders where he belongs in the global invasion. Green Lantern comes off as having a superiority complex, being that hes the guardian of that sector (Earth) of the universe. Furthermore there are many times in which he comes off as being very kiddish, acting like a loose canon because of the abilities his ring gives him. He is eventually able to act like a true hero and effectively subdues his own monster of an ego. The Flash proves to be somewhat of an oxymoron. Mainly because his oh so infamous ego is nowhere to be seen. Instead a we are given a much more mature Flash who fully acknowledges that he can’t possibly stop the attack on Earth alone. Captain Marvel is an ok character, but his actions could easily make him the but of an joke. He is constantly charging into battle alone with no strategy than to throw around lighting bolt, possibly thinking hes a god like Zeus, every times he is beaten down and is forced to learn the limits of his powers through the school of hard knox. Wonder Woman is definitely not the same as she was portrayed in Flashpoint. Her appearance borders almost on satire. At times she acts like a warrior who may have lived during early days of Greek mythology, while other times she acts so goofy experiencing life off her home island its hard to like her. Superman’s back story is not even mentioned. He definitely comes off as being indestructible, as Batman and Superman had a little skirmish and Bruce had no way of stopping him. Likewise he isn’t completely a “boy-scout” as he does kill in one scene. Lastly we have Cyborg, we take a horrifically humbling journey as he begins his life as a promising football star to his transition to that of a Superhero. Cyborg is constantly questioning where he belongs in the world until he regains confidence in himself.

The movie flows pretty well, although the scenes with Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman offset the mood of Justice League: War. Although it may not be more enticing or well written than Flashpoint Paradox the high production animation and story alone is enough to make you want to watch it a few times. On that note I strongly recommend that you should watch Justice League: War, and as always stay after the credits are done rolling.


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