No Talking Please – The Violinist

Everyone has a dream. Sometimes people’s families help them achieve these dreams. Other times people find it necessary to separate themselves from their families in order to achieve those dreams. The Violinist, a UCLA student film explores this and some of the issues that persist when the latter is taken. The short drama focuses on a woman who dreams to play for the London Symphony Orchestra, while also coming to terms with the troubled relationship she has with her mother.

The film opens with the Violinist at the hospital, and she begins to play a song for her mom. There is little dialogue in the movie, but if there were it would probably be too distracting. The woman is obviously struggling as we see her working as a waitress and seems to live an isolated life. In many scenes she patiently waits to get the call from the London Symphony Orchestra, so her dreams can be fulfilled. Halfway into the film we see the sister. Although both of them are conversing they don’t seem very close. Her sis urges the Violinist to reconcile with their mother, however she refuses. As she feels their mother was never there for her and leaves. Back home she is left a message, the Violinist’s dream has come true as its the London Symphony Orchestra relaying that shes been hired. However a second message plays, her distraught sister explains that their mother has had a stroke and is near death. The Violinist contemplates how to deal with this, shes obviously confused and unsure if she should go visit her mom. The movie soon returns to where it left off. Once the Violinist finishes her song she leaves a music sheet and tickets to her show in her mom’s hands and bids her mother a saddening farewell. Her unconscious mom touches the items, signaling that they have both come full circle.

Needless to say the title says it all. Its about a Violinist, so what does she do? She plays her violin, communicating every emotion shes feeling without any real need for verbal communication. The movie moves quite smoothly, so much so they might forget that time is passing by. The mise-en-scene gives the viewer a perfect picture of the Violinist’s mind. A woman who has left the nest and is struggling to make her dreams a reality. Likewise she has left her family, specifically her mother behind and wishes to keep things that way. The Violinist’s emotions vastly change once she learns of her mom’s stroke. Now she feels sorry, but should she feel sorry? Its the ultimate question to strained relationships everywhere. Its definitely worth the watch.


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