When Ron worked at CNN – Anchorman 2

The first Anchorman was released in 2004, dubbed Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. In that movie we were introduced to the title character, his superiority complex, his vast incompetence, and his uncanny ability to capture a wide audience in a medium that is usually regarded as boring. Of course we can’t forget about Ron’s unconventional go to team of Brick, Brian, and Champ. The second movie has those same traits, but is much more expansive than the first. Likewise it illustrates Ron as being responsible for the modern format of news programs everywhere, as well as other major events in news history.

Ron wins big many times throughout the movie, however its almost always proceeded by a loss. This is usually due to his own actions. Ron being a father is also a recurring issue as he seems vastly incompetent, yet his son’s naivety in him helps Ron become a better person. Likewise Veronica is there to help him through his toughest times. Unlike Ron she remains stable throughout her successful career, but often suffers downswings as a result of Ron’s shoddy style of reporting. Despite this she remains loyal to him. Brick also takes a bigger role in the movie as he finds love. The woman he meets is almost his parallel and so they seem like a perfect match. Much of what they do seems weird, or maybe its normal. However it seems to take up space at times, because it does little to shed light in expanding Brick as a character. What also interesting is that theres multiple antagonists in the movie. Though it might take you awhile to figure out who they all are. However they all help Ron mature as a person.

However the best part of the movie is the climax. Something that you have to watch for yourself. It mirrors the fight scene in the first film, but on a much larger scale and with many A-list actors. Such as Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Sacha Boren Cohen, Kirsten Dunst, Tina Fey, Liam Neeson, and even Kanye West. Everyone takes a role representing the various major news stations of that era. The rest you have to see yourself.

The question is whether or not a film like this is worth watching. The comedy is typically of Will Ferrell’s style, being very dimwitted while living in a world that seems to be smarter than you. The women of course tend to be the smartest people. Will gives out random monologues that seem to either make little sense or give out witty commentary. However Carell, Koechner, and Rudd’s presence all help prevent the film from being dominated by Ferrell’s sometimes repetitive antics. At times they act as a needed break from Ferrell. Being almost 2 hours long the film seems to drag out at times, and you may wonder when the film will end? The climax of the film makes the movie vastly more enjoyable. Likewise Ron’s journey through life and as a news anchor are still very entertaining. Althought the movie takes place in the late 70s and ends in the early 80s much of the movie retains that 70’s era feel. If you watched the first film you’ll still enjoy it as it still has that same magic and some creativity the first movie had. As a first time watcher you may only want to pay for it once and only once. Either way you should still watch this movie if only once.


The movie begins at a low point during the late 70s in which Ron is fired from his news anchor position at a station in New York, and later loses the love of his life. Defeated he goes wandering around San Diego and is eventually offered a job at GNN (Global News Network), which is of course a play on CNN. The man offering him the job proposes the idea of a 24 hr news network to which Ron is highly reluctant and outright mocks the idea. In order to prepare himself for a comeback he goes out in search of his original news team. He first finds Champ who is operating his own backwater chicken restaurant, from money he got in an orchestrated injury settlement. Together they find Brian who is dominating the world of kitten photographing, yet chooses to join them as New York has strip clubs. They all go to Brick’s funeral only to discover hes not dead, which surprises Brick.

Once at GNN they encounter Jack Lime, their new rival. Its during this time that Ron tries to reconcile with his wife Veronica, only to discover she has a boyfriend. Being mad Ron gives his Veronica’s present to their son Walter, who wear the lingerie as a costume. Ron is also paranoid of Veronica’s boyfriend as hes a psychiatrist, thinking he somehow possess psychic powers. At GNN Ron mets his boss Linda Jackson, to which the dumbfounded Ron repeatedly says the word black. Being a hardass she is quick to let Ron known that she will not accept poor performances. Brick meets Chani and the two become smitten. Being jealous of Jack Lime Ron makes a ratings bet with him, in which Jack Lime must call himself Jack Lame if Ron gets better ratings than him. However if Ron loses he must leave New York.

Its at this time that Ron and his team brainstorm how to get better ratings, as Jack is in the primetime slot and they are in the 2 am slot. What culminates is the modern news format, being that Ron’s team wants to tell the people what they want to hear instead of what they need to know. Specifically reporting that America is the greatest country , selling sex, and sports highlights. While this style of news is vastly successful, it bares very little depth. Ron continues to experiment, adding lots of graphics to the news program in order to make it look more appealing. Veronica is the first to experience the effects of this as her news station and many other begin to copy Ron’s style of reporting. She begins to feel angry as more important stories are shunned in favor of ratings.

Linda then uses her authority to come onto Ron. They begin to date and the relationship soon becomes sexual. As a result, and because of his fame, Ron neglects his son Walter. Linda gets an order from the owner of GNN, Kench Allenby, to kill Brian’s expose. At dinner with Linda’s family Ron still doesn’t know how to act properly and makes himself seem like a racist, to which her dad beats Ron up. On the way home she convinces Ron to not report on Brian’s story.

Back at GNN his team learn of Ron not going to report on the expose, and they leave. With nothing to report Ron becomes desperate and creates the breaking news format. In it hes given a live news feed of a car chase and makes wild accusation as to who the driver is and why hes running from the cops. Again his ratings go up, however as a result Veronica’s live interview gets pulled in order to mimic Ron’s style. At a GNN party Ron is deserted by his friends, while ice skating Jack Lime incurs Ron to have an accident. As a result Ron becomes blind.

He moves to a secluded area and becomes a recluse, although hes blind he never thinks to feel what hes touching and as such has many accidents. His friends visit him, but he refuses to go back to GNN. Veronica comes back and tries to help Ron adjust to life as a blind man. Likewise Ron is able to finally bond with Walter. Together they come across a baby shark and name him Doby. Once he becomes an adult they release Doby. Ron finally becomes a loving husband and father to his family. However their life is derailed once Ron learns that he can undergo a surgery to get his vision back. The situation is further exacerbated when he discovers Veronica purposefully kept this information from him.

After the surgery Ron goes back to GNN, Jack Lime is still mad at Ron for continually enforcing their bet. Linda is somewhat uncaring for leaving Ron in his time of need, yet still has lingering feeling for him. Veronica shows up and informs Ron that Walter is going to play a song he wrote for him at his school’s recital, she then relays to Linda that she won’t hesitate to assault her if she tries to seduce Ron again. While on the air Ron is given another live car chase to report on, however he decides to leave GNN and go to his sons recital, while apologizing to his friends. As he exits he defames Kaola Airline, which is owned by Kench Allenby.

On his way to the recital Ron gets into a climatic battle with various news stations. The conflict is ended via a fiery explosion by Wes Mantooth. However Ron and his team make it to the recital. Ron and Veronica are finally a family again. The movie closes with Brick getting married and ends how it began with Ron being attacked by a shark. As it turns out Doby swims by the wedding, an over joyous Ron runs to hug it, but is attacked in the process. Baxter jumps in and saves Ron.


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