Diamond Supply Co. – The Proto-Tiffany

Diamond Supply Co. x Nike SB. A collaboration that happened nearly 10 years age, did many things for both companies. Going back to 2004-2005 most people may not remember that Diamond Supply Co was still a widely unknown skating brand. At the time Nike itself was struggling to create a legitimate skating division, learning from their first failure. Nike’s initial skating shoes came in the standard orange box and were widely sold in non-skate stores. This was something that at first made Nike lose credibility with the skating community, but attracted Nike’s usual sneakerhead customers. Two short years later Nike saw what the other well established skating shoe brands were doing, specifically only selling their products in small skate shops, and followed suite. So by 2004 their Nike SB division was finally able to grab some of the skating market. However Nike Sb was still fairly young and as such continued to do various collaborations with skaters and skating brands, as to continually prove themselves to the skating community.

Diamond Supply Co. was in a different situation. Nick Diamond formally founded the brand in 1998, they were birthed within the skating community. However they were widely unknown by many people. Likewise Diamond was not a company that had a lot of money. During the the early 2000s Nick would go around working at various skate shops. He built up many connections within the skating world and was even able to skate with many of today’s elite skaters. Although Diamond seemed to be at a standstill during this time, this actually turned out to be a golden moment for Diamond Supply Co. In 2004 Nick was working at Girl’s skate shop, as he knew Mike Carroll. At that same time Nike had chosen Girl Skateboards to be part of a special collab, dubbed the Team Manager series. As Mike Carroll was working on the Girl Skateboards SB, he invited Nick to make one as well.

What became of this original design was not the first “Tiffany” as many people are familiar with. No croc embossed leather, instead there was suede. No silver Swoosh either, instead there was a dark grey Swoosh. The classic Tiffany color was still present. When Nick got the prototype back from Nike, he changed the design. Croc embossed leather and of course the silver Swoosh. Despite the final Tiffany design not even being finished, the Proto-Tiffanies were stolen. Possibly a sign of how significant the Tiffany would become to both Diamond and Nike. About eight years later, in 2012, the Proto-Tiffanies resurfaced, albeit for being heavily used they definitely were the sample shoes Nick had stored in his room back in 2004. The man selling them claimed that his friend had given him the shoes. Further adding that his friend told him they were sample Tiffanies, and that his friend was employed at Girl during the time that Nick was working on the Tiffany design for Nike. As mysteriously as the shoes surfaced, they quickly disappeared again. The shoes were listed twice on Ebay, but still have not resurfaced. Nick had caught wind of the sale, but theres no evidence to assume he stopped the man from the selling the shoes. While its still unknown who has the precursor to the original Tiffanies, its still interesting to see what Nick’s first design was. So with Diamond and Nike’s impending new release, its time for a bit of nostalgia.

Black suede accents. Tiffany leather upper.

Dark Grey Swoosh, outsole, and stitching.

The Diamond Supply Co logo is absent from the tongue.


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