Hender Scheme – When the Sequel is Better than the Original

Shoes. We need them, some of us love them. Some of us love some shoes more than others. Vans, Adidas, New Balance, and Nike are some of the biggest brands in the shoe game today. Each of these brands are synonymous with certain shoes. The Era, the Superstar, just to name a few. What made people fall in love with these shoe? Was it the colors? Or the materials? Maybe the names/logos? More like all of the above. It all boils down to aesthetics.

Hender Scheme is a Japanese artisan brand. They specialize in crafting unique footwear. So they decided to do something of a tribute, or homage, to a few brands and their classic silhouettes. Needless to say most people will be able to tell which products were made to mirror which shoes. Dubbed the Manuel Industry Products the concept was to take classic shoes, all of which are mass produced, and give them the artisan treatment. Each shoe is composed of natural leather. This will lead to the shoes gaining a unique patina. Leather uppers, leather sidewalls, leather insoles, leather laces, and even leather soles. The concept definitely makes you wonder what it takes to make something so simple, into something premium. But even to question whether something like this puts the originals to shame in doing so.

*Not available in America. But are available at Haven.



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