Vans Vault – Premier Suede 2013

If anyone is familiar with the Vault, Vans’ subdivision then they know how Vans typically likes to revamp their model shoes in lux materials. Back in 2011 Vans released the Premio pack which consisted of Vans applying premium buffed Italian leathers to some of their classic silhouettes. Anyone who has been a long time fan of Vans might have been disappoint with the release as Van usually has been known to incorporate suede into their skate shoes to increase its durability. Now in 2013 it seems Vans has decided to recreate a classic silhouette with luxury materials yet again. However they return to their love affair with suede. Dubbed “premier” suede , Vans took high end suedes and constructed some Vans Era with them, in interesting colors. Unlike leather suede may not always remain consistent in its texture, and likewise  the colors will usually tend to fade or bleed as time progress. But these are some of the reasons why people love suede. Its different. The wearer will always leave a distinctive mark on it which is uniquely their own, whereas you cannot with leather. On both the Premio and Premier suede packs Italian leathers are utilized, both materials are thick and the colors are engrossing. The Premier Suede pack uses various bright colors such as orange, blue, light gray, etc. Thick, soft, rich colors, and an all leather interior make up the Premier Suede Eras. Any fan of Vans would enjoy adding it to their collection.

Titanium/Sunburnt Orange. Vault label. Vans embossed on a suede tab. Waxed flat laces are used.

The interior is fully lined in leather. Waffle sole made by DT.

Extra laces and a key chain are included.

*Still available in many locations.


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