Stampd LA – A Lamb on Your Head

In our contemporary era of fashion many brands have tried to stand out amongst the ocean of brands that have crowded the market. Typically most brands have sought to utilize big bold text onto a regular shirt, usually with sayings that seem boisterous. While at one point it was unique and relevant, the power of this aesthetic has greatly been diminished through overuse. Color has also played an important role to brands. The colors that brands use are primarily chosen in order to coordinate with the current season, to ensure profitable margins. For example warm colored, red, shirts are used for summer, while cool colored, brown, tees are used for winter. Through many years of implementation, many brands were, and still are, successful in using this system. However it becomes repetitive. This mundaneness comes as brands often lose their creativity and begin to focus more on the monetary element of clothing design.

Stampd LA is not is not that breed of brand. They are a minimalist brand, that culminates with a bit of streetwear appeal, who are based in Los Angeles. Minimalist artists back in the day had chosen to take art back to their simplest form. Which usually concluded in paintings of geometric shapes, which represented people, places, etc. Minimalist clothing brands likewise take a similar approach when designing their apparel. Instead of using a troupe of colors for clothing, black and white are primarily utilized. Color is downplayed because at times it can take away from what a brand or a product is. Graphics are likewise shunned, in terms of extravagance. Stampd’s graphic tees are a bit maverick in their designs.Emphasis is meant to be put on the design and quality of their products. One of the most recent examples of this would be Stampd’s Black Lambskin Snapback, which was recently re-released.

Last year Stampd introduced the Black Lambskin Snapback. As its name suggests it is a 5 panel snapback constructed of 100% lambskin leather, something that is revered for its texture and grain. Like many of Stampd’s signature Dope collection hats, the design is uniquely all their own. For starters the hat was originally previewed to have a small embroidered DOPE on the back of the hat. When it released, there was no Dope embroidering. Likely so that the Lambskin snapback could have a sleeker feel to it. The crown of the snapback has no backing, so the hat can conform more to the wearer’s head and have a more natural feel. What makes the Lambskin Snapback very interesting is that it sports a silkscreen lining of  various women. And like many of Stampd’s Dope collection hats it comes with a dust bag to carry your cap, along with a thank you card from founder Chris Stamp. The Black Lambskin Snapback has been occasionally reissued, but sells out fairly quick.


Black lambskin leather.






Silkscreen liner.



Dust bag included.

Original preview, the Dope logo is present.

*Currently sold out, but may be restocked in the future. Available  in other colors.


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