Vans x Diemme – Up the ante







Vans was founded in 1966, and has for the most part remained close to their roots established in the skating world. Through the years Vans’ fan base has evolved from being exclusively a skate oriented culture to having a wider mainstream appeal to people from all walks of life. It is because of this change that Vans has expanded its shoe model line ups and also created different divisions of Vans. In 2003 Vans created the Vans Vault, or LX, division of shoes. The Vault line offered many new possibilities for Vans and their loyal customers. Firstly the Vault line up sought to make the best quality Vans shoes. Which they have, secondly they are often more experimental . And lastly their releases are highly sought after, because they make very few shoes.

Last year Vans decided to collaborate with Diemme. Diemme was founded in 1992, and they operated out of Mountebelluna Italy. They make boots for many well known luxury brands, as well as producing their own products. Their most well known product is the Roccia Vet hiking boot. The Vans and Diemme collaboration consisted of using Diemme’s Roccia Vet boot and applying some silhouettes from Vans Buffalo Boot model. What was birthed was the Montebelluna Hiker LX. Constructed of thick beige and black suedes, an all leather interior, metal boot eyelets, all built atop a Vibram sole. A Diemme tag comes included which states that all of the Montebelluna’s components are from Italy. While the boot is quite impressive in terms of quality and aesthetics, the boot is definitely not for the Diemme enthusiasts.

For one the Montebelluna looks very Vansesque. On the side of the boot the Diemme logo is seen, while on the opposite side the Vans Buffalo Boot logo is also embossed. Lastly the pricing of the boot is $350. Many people will argue thats outrageous. For the most part they might be correct. However Diemme’s Roccia Vet typically goes from the $400-600 range, usually depending on the materials used. Likely Vans chose $350 to make the boots more affordable. These days a decent boot will usually be more than $100. And even then, those boots are usually made in third world countries. If you want a good product you have to pay for it. Moreover the Montebelluna marks the start of what could be a long lasting relationship between Vans and Diemme. As in late 2012 photos of  Diemme made Sk8 His and Slip-ons surfaced. It is believed that these and other Vans-Diemme shoes will be released this year, probably to celebrate Vans Vault ten year anniversary. In any case keep your eyes peeled, Vans is taking things to the highest level of quality they can get. Its not US made, but I guess we’ll have to settle for Italian made.










Coming soon.

*Note that you can get the Vans Montebelluna Lx for a good price.

*Many of them have not sold out, therefore they will likely end up on the sales sections, eventually.


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