True Premium – Daily Doses Company

When most people think of premium hats, most will likely picture a hat worn by rappers or celebrities. For the most part the brands that are usually synonymous with these famous and successful people are those which have been in existence for many decades. Such as New Era, Mitchell & Ness, and TISA just to name a few. For the most part people don’t question whether the products that these companies sell are “premium.” All these companies were founded in America and initially vowed to make the best quality head wear they could. But their age is showing. Their hats aren’t the same quality as they were 20 years ago. Yet they still charge people the same price for something that is vastly inferior to what they used to produce during their creed filled era of superiority. Today its not about who can make the better this or the better that, its usually about who can make the most profit.

Fast forward to 2011, the birth of Daily Doses Company, better known as Daily Doses Co, or simply Doses. While they are a very young company, that is based in Los Angeles, they are full of ambition, a strong drive to make the best quality snap backs, also accompanied with a creed to innovate the snap back. Firstly they make their own hats, all of which are made in the US. Daily Doses have a treasure trove of styles. They range from humble to loud, depending on what you’re looking for. Likewise the price themselves are varied from reasonable to somewhat expensive. However its important to understand that for their more premium strap-backs they use only the best materials they could get  their hands on. Most being of Italian lambskin leathers. As well as being adventurous and applying leathers to their hats from unconventional sources such as snakes, crocodiles, and stingrays among others. They occasionally have one shot releases of customized strap-backs of various professional league teams such as the Lakers, Dodgers, 49ers, etc. At current they are also offering hat customizations for anyone eager to have their hat designs realized. And this is only their beginning.

Whats very interesting is that upon examining their hats, it is quite clear that Daily Doses Co is in fact one of the few brands that can call their hats “premium.” Is it due to the fact that their hats are made in America? Or that they use real Italian and exotic leathers? Perhaps its the brass/silver buckles? Maybe, maybe not. But now ask yourself why anyone would pay the exact same, if not more, for a hat that is clearly inferior in terms of both construction and materials? Daily Doses has a lot to offer people, whether you’re someone whos deeply into streetwear or is someone who lives a rock oriented life. But above all you will get what you pay for, which is something that is obviously a premium produced hat. Below are a few example of their strap-backs:


One of Daily Doses Company’s newest experiments.





One of  Daily Doses Co’s one shot release team hats, it could easily rival the Genesis Project or Just Don custom strap-backs.


Their designs range from Subtle…


…to extravagant.


Beanies are more minialistic.


They also make accessories.

*All their products are currently available on their webstore:


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