Ludwig Van x Quintin Co. – A Return to Selvedge denim

     If anyone is familiar with the relationship between Ludwig Van and Quintin Company then they’ll be happy to know that they have released their newest collaboration. For those that are not familar with their ongoing collaboration its something quite unique in that they have collaborated on making hats, usually out of denim. While many might not seem too impressed by that, they’ll likely be impressed by all the little details that Ludwig Van has added into making their hats truly unique in their own right. They have always strived to be different in small subtle ways, instead of being loud and boisterous like other companies. Ludwig Van has had a bit of an obsession with denim, for this release they have made each snapback different from previous releases, as that tends to be Ludwig way. For their newest iteration into the Selvedge Project Ludwig Van has again decided to focus on the materials the snapbacks are composed of. They chose to make the caps out of 13 oz dry denim from the legendary Cone Mills, their previous caps have not been made of denim from that company. Cone Mills have been making denim for more than a century, Levis has been one of their many clients. One of their 6 panel snapbacks is black while the other comes in a coffee brown color. The embossed calfskin patch returns, as well as the stash pocket. The under brim of the snapbacks were made using vintage plaid from the 1980s. A recurring theme in Ludwig Van’s products are using vintage materials, as it makes for something interesting to look at, moreover the feel of the material is unique, even the colors themselves seem different than modern fabrics. A reddish colored button rests on the crown of the hats thereby adding an extra element to these snapbacks, and finally vintage KUROKI chambray lines the inside of the caps giving them form. KUROKI is another legend in the denim world, they hail from Japan. If you’re a collector of Ludwig Van and Quintin Co’s Selvedge Project snapbacks, than by all means you should buy these caps. If you’re unfamiliar with Ludwig Van and are looking for something different to wear on your head, you won’t be disappointed with this buy.


Black 13 oz Cone Mills denim.


Coffee 13 oz Cone Mills denim.



A rich brown calf leather brown patch with Ludwig Van “L” and Quintin “q.”

“CARPE DIEM” embossed, a saying from a latin poem.

“SERGE de Nimes” embossed, city from where denim originated.



Reddish button on top of the hat provides nice contrast.


Vintage 80s plaid used as an underbrim. Colors are composed



A tan calf leather brown patch with Ludwig Van “L” and Quintin “q.”

“CARPE DIEM” embossed, a saying from a latin poem.

“SERGE de Nimes” embossed, city from where denim originated.



Matching colored stash pockets, and vintage KUROKI chambray lining.

*Both snapbacks are available on Ludwig Van’s and Quintin Co’s online stores.


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