Ludwig Van Fall/Winter 2012

     Many things can be said about Ludwig Van. Though rather than just out right say it, the brand prefers to speak through their clothing. Their Winter 2012 release takes a vintage approach to their clothing, as many of their tees and crews are given a vintage feel through prewashing. Continuing to stand out, a few tie dye tees and crews are part of this release. Though one of their stand out designs may well be their Future/Past tees which turns the wearer into a walking symbol of sorts. Furthermore Alex makes a welcomed return in the Mr. Ludwig Van tees, complete with a Ludwig Van logo tatted on his head. Finally two hats accompany this release. One is a deep indigo dyed canvas snapback, while the other is grey denim snapback with a waterproof coating. The snapbacks both come with stash pockets to keep your currency safe from thieves. Another memorable release for Ludwig Van.


Alex returns.


Tie dyed sweater.


Future/Past tee.



Wool keychains.


Denim snapback. Coated in a waterproof material. Stash pocket, and indigo underbill.


Deep indigo dyed Canvas snapback. Stash pocket and indigo underbill.

*Ludwig Van’s final release for 2012. All made in USA.

Available on the Ludwig Van online store.



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