Diamond Supply Co. x The Misfits? – An Intertwined Retrospective

     The Misfits are an iconic horror punk rock band that formed in 1977. They are at times seen as having helped create the unique genre that is punk rock. The two most consistent members of the band’s early days were Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig, the ladder being the founder of the band. Though as they started out in an era of music that was unsure of the merits of punk, they themselves were often shunned. Mostly because their style didn’t fit in anywhere, after all horror and punk didn’t seem to go too well together. At least thats what people in the late 1970s thought. However they trudged along into the 80s before they decided to dissolve the band. Mostly due to Glen no longer having faith in The Misfits and wanting to start a new project in music. For the remainder of the 1980s The Misfits remained defunct. Though by the 1990s a strong fanbase had developed which revered them for both their sound and image. With this renewed following in The Misfits Jerry Only soon reformed the band in 1995, and so they were back more popular than anyone had thought possible.

     Around the same time a young Nick Tershay was trying to make it in the world. A high school dropout, he spent much of his time skating around the streets of Los Angeles for different skate teams, while also trying to bring life to his skate brand. With not enough money to make his brand a reality he continued on skating, listening to punk and hip hop, and meeting some key pro skaters of today. It wasn’t until three years later that in 1998 Nick would formally found Diamond Supply Company. Though back then Diamond was more into making skate hardware and focused less on clothing. Nick had designed some of his own unique skate hardware, which involved two allen keys that would tighten bolts on boards, this was early on in Diamond’s history. Though his unique hardware was essentially rejected by the skating community at the time. This forced Diamond to start making more traditional skate hardware. Many skate/street brands gained much ground and popularity in the early 2000s. In contrast Diamond’s reputation was quite meek, many people didn’t know of them. Though their clothing were often praised and sought after by the skating/underground cultures.

     In 2006 Diamond Supply Co decided to collaborate with Collabo NY, a now defunct brand. For reasons unknown Nick decided to take The Misfits’ logo and alter the legendary logo. Many individuals from the rock community, especially the punk community, would be appalled by the changed logo. Though in many respects the logo has been flipped numerous times before by various artists and brands, Shrpaird Fairey being one. Likewise The Misfits’ logo itself was derived from The Crimson Ghost (1946) poster. Theres good reason to believe that Nick knew of The Misfits, after all he is into punk and hip hop. The logo was only slightly changed. The crimson ghost was given a gold, sometimes silver, upper grill. Moreover the logo’s color was changed to different colors and was printed on an assortment of colored tees. While small, the added grill changes the very nature of the logo. Something that is purely rock becomes a hybrid of both punk and hip hop. Yet it was released by a skate company. You could say that it reflected the atmosphere of skating at the time. Nevertheless the collaboration was a hit, with the tees and crews selling out in minutes. The tees were so sought after that Diamond released them two more times in different colorways, the two rarest colorways being the blk/olive and the tiffany/blk. However around this time The Misfits became angered by all the faking/flipping of their logo and sought to protect it. A cease and desist letter was send to Diamond Supply Co ordering them to stop making the tees. So came an end to a great design.

     But why? What real good did it do to stop Diamond from making the tees? Considering people still fake them. And other brands have gotten away with bootlegging them, such as Obey. In retrospect would it not have made more sense for The Misfits to simply formally collaborate with Diamond Supply Co? Well the tees might look better with the tiny trademark addendum below the logo and perhaps ‘The Misfits’ on the back. However its unlikely that such a collaboration would occur. Mainly due to money constraints and Jerry Only. Considering that since Jerry took over the reins of The Misfits hes tried to make them profitable. While trying to make money Only at times has hurt The Misfits, one such case being that his greed was blamed for derailing a full Misfits reunion as well as an album release. Mainly through mass producing a wide array of merchandise bearing The Misfits’ name and logo. Its very rare that The Misfits ever collaborate with other companies on Misfits products. Moreover a proposed formal collaboration would likely cause people from both the rock and hip hop communities to criticize such both Diamond and The Misfits. The end result would probably still be favorable. Though Diamond may not desire to collaborate with The Misfits its still something should have been, not something that never was. Below are some examples of the various released products from the Diamond x Collabo NY collaboration.


First release: 4 tees, 1 crewneck.


Second release.


Third (final) release.

Companies that got away with flipping The Misfits’ logo.


Shepard Fairey


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