Puma x Sneaker Freaker – The Death of Dallas, The Birth of Bunyip

     Puma is a well known German sports brand that has existed since the 1920s. While they haven’t been given as much recognition as other brands such as Adidas or Nike, they nevertheless have a strong following in the shoe game. One of the reasons why they have a strong fanbase, is Puma’s willingness to explore and experiemnt with shoes. Many of these experimentations occur through collaborations with other brands, such as Puma’s long and ongoing collaborations with streetwear brand UNDFTD. For their newest collaboration they partnered up with famous shoe magazine Sneaker Freaker. Although this collaboration has been in the making for three years, as the folks at Sneaker Freaker wanted to create a truly unique shoe. Sneaker Freaker chose to work with Puma’s Dallas model shoe. While the Dallas model is a sportie model shoe, they chose to modify the shoe, firstly by eliminating all the sportiness of the Dallas. The sole of the shoe has been replaced with a crepe sole, instead of flat nylon laces there are black round waxed cotton laces (an extra white pair is included), wingtip accents are on the uppers of the shoe, and the entire shoe is constructed of black thick premium goatskin suede. Although the heel is a cream nubuck, and likewise a red heeltab is placed on the shoe. With all of these changes the sportie Dallas is no more, and instead the classy Bunyip is birthed. The name Bunyip comes from an Australian folklore, with varying accounts of a water spirit which inhabits swaps (or watering holes) and devours anyone who goes by these places. Some accounts have described Bunyips as having a doglike face. Although to promote The Bunyip Sneaker Freaker decided to render the Bunyip of folklore as a batlike creature. Remaining adventurous Puma’s collaboration with Sneaker Freaker is somthing to marvel at, Below are some images of the Puma Bunyip.

Puma Dallas
Puma x Sneaker Freaker Bunyip
Crepe Sole. Soft suede liners.
Suede coverd insole, with Bunyip logo.
Cream laces, Bunyip wrapping paper.

Cream nubuck heel, with red heel tab.


Overdyed warning label.


Sneaker Freaker label stiched on back tongue.


Bunyip, Australian mythical creature.

*If you’re looking for the Bunyip, its availble in European markets. However it isn’t available in US stores.




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