Diamond Supply Co. – A Touch of Luxury

With retroization on the rise, its typical that many brands, such as Banana Republic, Nike, Obey, or even Givenchy have released a bomber jacket. Of course every brand has a different take on the traditional bomber jacket, some might take a militant look, while others are inclinded to go the cool or luxury route. Obey for instance took a cool route, by making a polyurethane bomber jacket. Cheap, but stylish. Nike took a similiar approach by releasing a full grain leather made in China bomber jacket. While luxury heavyweight Givenchy has gone down the traditional luxury road with a leather bomber jacket. Likewise Diamond Supply Company has finally released their own bomber jacket. Paying no expense Diamond’s approach is one that is in essence luxury. As they chose to use %100 lamb skin leather. The Un-Polo Lamb Skin Raglan Bomber Jacket is soft to the touch, and shines almost like a diamond. The interior is composed of satin borken into two main parts, the body is a woven white satin, with black vertical pinstriping all along the body. While the interior sleeves are all black satin. A leather crocodile patch, echoing Diamond’s infamous SB Tiffany collab, can be found on the interior around the neck region.Theres an interior pocket, two exterior pockets, with button flaps. On the left chest the familiar ‘Unpolo d’ makes a return. Lastly Diamond rounds off their luxury jacket with black buttons, cotton ribbed cuffs, and a cotton ribbed waistband. Diamond’s overall execution is a very traditional luxury take, as a minimal approach is taken. Minimalism is often used by various brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and even Givenchy, as they feel craftmanship should be emphasized instead of the brand itself. Although pictures and words alone cannot adequately describe Diamond Supply Co’s take on a timeless silhouette. The quality is on point, its affordable compared to other luxury jackets, most Diamond lifers won’t be disappointed. Likewise anyone who is looking for a little luxury in a jacket. Below are some pics.


Ribbed cottion collar.


Un-Polo d.




Satin interior.


Croc/Diamond patch.


Interior pocket.


Black interior pinstripping.


Ribbed cotton wrist cuffs.


Diamond Supply Co side tab.


Ribbed cotton waistband.


All satin interior.


Made in USA label.

*Available on Diamond’s website


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