Lugwig Van x Quintin – The Selvedge Project continues.

    Ludwig Van is a brand founded in 2007 by Mike Dytrl. The concept of the brand was to create premium casualwear in an industry which glorifies luxury, and at times looks down on casual clothing. From the start the brand has chosen to carve out its own identity, as one of their mottos has been “everything else is noise,” to further this idea Alex from A Clock Orange often serves as the brand’s symbol. Although Ludwig Van has been largely unnoticed, in recent years they have gained some of a street appeal, while still retaining their sense of  boundary pushing aesthetics. Ludwig Van began its venture into denim around 2009 to an eager audience when they released some premium denim jeans. In 2011 they began an interesting project called the “SELVEDGE X PROJECT” with Quintin, the idea was to get premium and vintage denim fabrics, as well as other fabrics, and construct 5 panel snapback hats with them. Their newest, third, iteration into the Selvedge Project is dubbed Tour de Force, in this collaboration they chose to mix red, green, and indigo selvedge denim with some deadstock Cross Colours, a famous defunct brand, fabrics as an under brim. The usual Ludwig Van x Quintin embossed leather patch makes its return in a tan color. To further add to the already unique caps, a hidden stash pocket made of indigo selvedge denim was added to the inside of the caps to store your cash. As before these snapbacks have been released to a hungry audience looking for uniqueness. Overall another hit for Ludwig Van. Peep the red Tour de Force cap below in detail.



First venture into denim, 2009.



Leather patch with Ludwig Van “L” and Quintin “q.”

“CARPE DIEM” embossed, a saying from a latin poem.

“SERGE de Nimes” embossed, city from where denim originated.


Quintin logo.


Deadstock Cross Colours fabric under brim.



Selvedge denim stash pocket.


Made in USA.


Ludwig Van label.

*Note sold out on the Ludwig Van store.

Still available in the Quintin online store.


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