Diamond Supply Co. – VVS red (First release)

     While many brands grow they tend to expand into different territories of fashion cautiously, as success is not always assured. As a result many brands may never expand beyond the scope of their initial background, such as tees or denim. Regarding Diamond Supply Company they technically began as a skate hardware company, and after various collaborations with skate company DVS signed a contract with them. The deal gave Diamond the ability to expand into the realm of footwear, as their shoes would be distributed through DVS. In 2011 Diamond Footwear finally became available to many eager Diamond enthusiats. Right from the start it seemed that Diamond Supply Co’s VVS model shoe was going to be the most popular. The fact that the shoe has consistently sold out in various stores is proof of this. Perhaps what makes this shoe such a favorite among Diamond fans is its sporty, yet skate feel. The Vvs rests on a small outsole which gives it a sporty feel, reminiscent of the likes of Puma or Nike, however its embossed outsole gives the shoe a skate feel. Its strong red leather makes it seem very premium and luxurious, while suede accents give the Vvs a street appeal. possibly what makes the Vvs so unique to other skate brand shoes, or other shoe brands in general, is their inclination of an extra pair of laces. These laces however are boot laces, That alone distinguishes their shoe, as much thought and effort was obviously put forth by Diamond to make the Vvs a very standout shoe. If you’re looking for a very different look in the realm of footwear go out to your local skate shop, or online, and try on the Vvs I’m fairly sure you won’t be disappointed. Below are my own pair of Diamond Supply Co – VVS.



Diamond embossed logo.


Embossed heel logo.


Removable two tone insole.


Diamond Supply Co box, exterior.


Red flat laces, red/brown boot laces.


Air vents.


Punctured holes for aesthetic purposes.


Diamond sole.


*Note these are from 2011, so you may have trouble finding these.


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