Diamond Supply Co. – Brilliant Cut denim 2012 (Nipponized)

     For those of you that are unfamiliar with Diamond Supply Co. they are a 1998 skate brand, that as of a few ago have bridged the gap into the streetwear scene. When people think of denim, most will likely think of Levi’s. However as time has passed many skate/streetwear brands have found the opportunity to create their own products based around the prospect of quality rather than quantity. With each brand interjecting their own  unique style into their denim jeans. Most brands have not been able to resist the allure of making their own brand of denim. Diamond being one of these brands. The Brilliant Cut jeans were their first style, in past years they have been Made in Los Angeles with American fabrics. For their fall/holiday 2012 season Diamond opted to make the Brilliant Cut jeans in LA, but with Japanese fabrics. The quality of the fabric coupled with Diamond’s aesthetics make this a quality product. Instead of being a regular fitting style, they are instead made into a lo rise, slim fitting style. Moreover they are raw denim, and as such the color is a rich dark indigo, with a ridgid rugged feel. If you’relooking to buy some japanese denim that are soundly constructed, and for a reasonable price go buy a pair. Enjoy the images below.



Made in  LA of Japanese Fabrics canvas patch.


Diamond Supply Co. tab on inner pocket sleeve.


Quality Japanese aesthetic fabric.


Diamond engraved rivets.


Button fly. Top button diamond embossed.


Mined Denim graphic on interior.


Made in USA tag


The D-Life.

Suggested retailers: 

Mltd.com, Karmaloop.com, Diamondsupplyco.com

*Please note that this specific style is the 2012 Brilliant Cut, not the Brillant Cut.


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