Vans Caballero (aka Full Cabs) forerunner to the Half Cabs

So for those of you that like the Vans Half Cab, but don’t know much about their origin here’s an explanation of how these iconic shoes came to be. Obviously they are the signature shoe of pro skater Steve Caballero, however before they were called the Half Cabs they were originally a different model shoe called the Caballero, which was his first signature shoe. The Vans Caballero was release back in 1989, and was a hi-top style shoe. They encompassed a suede upper as well as having croc embossed accents found on the sides and collar of the shoe. While it was quite an incredible shoe to marvel at, it struggled to maintain appeal among skaters at the time. Two major factors kept the shoe from finding its place in the skating world. One was the fact that it only had two color ways, black and red; the other being functionality, as many skaters felt that the collar of the shoe was too restraining. Eventually skaters began to cut the collar off of the Caballero, making the shoes easier to skate with. The practice became so popular that eventually Steve Caballero began doing it himself. This prompted him and Vans to release a mid-top version of the Caballero in 1992 and thus the Half Cabs were born. Back in 2009 Vans re-released the Caballero in limited quantities to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Now in 2012 Vans has been celebrating the Half Cabs 20th anniversary as well, They kicked off the celebration by releasing a mid-cut style of the Caballero with a Half Cab branding. Here’s a few pictures of the Vans Caballero, the latter being my own pair.

Vintage Vans Caballero.
Pro release.
Vault release.
Vans California release.
Vans Classic Release.
Vans x Supreme Half Cab 20th anniversary.



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