A brief history, Skoots by Converse

     Converse has a long rich history within American culture, because of its timeless Chuck Taylor aesthetic. Although there have been other seemingly classicly designed shoes that often become overlooked, and eventually forgotten by time. Converse’s Skoots is an example of this. Little can actually be said about Skoots, although production has said to be from 1934/35 – 1948. Furthermore Converse Skoots rarely surface on the open market. Skoots were military issued shoes made for the U.S. army’s recruits during WWII. The Skoots were better designed than the Chuck Taylors, as Skoots had ribbed rubber bumpers and better ergonomically designed soles. However Skoots never became as popular as the Chuck Taylor model, and thus Skoots remained in the Converse archives. Luckily Converse decided to resurrect the silhoutte back in 2004, but without the Skoots logo. Converse aptly decided to rename the model Vintage, as the shoe uses a classic WWII era design. Although they are not as well made as the Skoots, the Vintage models nevertheless still give us a sense of classical design and workmanship. Below is a pristine example of Skoots by Converse, enjoy:










2 thoughts on “A brief history, Skoots by Converse

  1. Hi. Those were my Skoots. I won those at a rare military collectibles auction in 2011. The guy that was bidding against me said he was going to sell them to the Japanese for re-creation, because the pair was so pristine they could be ripped apart for templates. Needless to say, that never happened. The condition was original. I only wiped them down, and shined the rubber for the photos. They still even had the original cotton laces.

    I sold the pair to Converse in April of 2011, and they currently reside in their archival collection on display. The head of the archival division told me that when he saw them online for sale, he had everyone at Converse huddled over the computer that morning in awe. They had only seen one other pair that pristine, and it was an archived pair that they lost in a flood 50 something years ago. They had been searching all that time since then for another example in that kind of condition, until mine finally surfaced in 2011.

    Here’s a link to my page, and write up on these rarities, if anyone wants to see it:


    • Ahh I see. Yea that was quite a rarity. As far as I can tell Skoots was just another model of shoe that Converse sold. I’ve seens photos of a model that had swasitka soles, and another that they made for Disney! On that note I can’t tell whether they were made for Military or Domestic purposes.

      The Skoots being sold to Converse gives me mixed feelings. I think they could have been put to better use in private hands. Although I’m glad they were not destroyed. I understand that the Japanese seem to be more crazy about Americana than most Americans.

      Thats quite an amazing story you have. Well I was going to include Skoots in the final part to Before the Swoosh, There was the Star. I will definitely write about them again in another article with more information, I’ll make sure to include your relationship to these pair of Converse Skoots.

      I do hope you can find another great pair of Vintage Converse shoes.

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