From the board to the grave (Van Doren 1939-2011) Vans co-founder

     Vans started out as a mostly unknown and small sneaker company in 1966 California. Van Doren ran the company from 1976-1984. In 1984 Vans had gone into bankpurtcy, partially due in the fact that Vans were still being made in America at this time. This was also the same time that Van decided to put his brother Paul Doren in control of the company. Vans were still being made in America during the early 1990s. However eventually Vans was bought out by an investment bank and as of now the company has been sold seven times to date. Van Doren died on Oct. 12, 2011 from a long illness as said by his wife. After Doren left Vans, he became a general contractor and often would do jobs for free, for people who where unable to pay. So lets take a small journey from the Vans beginnings to its current status.












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